A Cozy Night with Ing

While on the writing & editing teams for Ing Magazine, I was also in charge of our fall event. Since our event fell right after Thanksgiving, we wanted to host something that would give students a break from the impending doom of finals season that was looming. We decided on “A Cozy Night with Ing.” We provided a photo booth area, childhood crafts (friendship bracelets, button making, coloring pages, etc.), video games, and board games. We decked out the Broad Art Lab with cozy rugs, blankets, furniture, and mood lighting to make it as warm and welcoming as we could. My job was to coordinate our team and assign everyone tasks and design and build the photo booth wall, as well as setting up, tearing down, and being the “point-person” during the event. We had a great turnout and the event helped us end the semester on a high note!