Blog Posts & Design – Karen Ehman

Karen Ehman is a New York Times bestselling author and content consultant for Proverbs 31 Ministries. As her intern, I assisted with social media strategy, traveled to events, and helped her creative and communications teams with content. I was a contributor for her blog through her #LoveYourLifeFriday team. You can read my blog post about middle schoolers here, and my painting tutorial here.

My projects and tasks varied, but this is an example of the type of work she asked me to do. Karen was asked to contribute a “freebie” as a part of a giveaway for another blogger’s site. I was asked to take information from her book Let. It. Go. and turn it into a worksheet that could be used to sort out priorities. I used the concepts in Karen’s book and wrote the copy for the worksheet, along with creating the artwork and putting the final document together. I painted the flowers with watercolors and scanned them in to be able to use them in the document. I used the fonts she used on her website at the time, as well as branding it with her logo. One of the challenges of this was to write in a voice that matched the rest of Karen’s work, as well as matching the artwork, typography, and overall design to reinforce her brand. This piece shows my ability to familiarize myself with someone’s work and help them to maintain the image and style they want to show to the world.