RivKids Sample Lesson

This is an example of a lesson I wrote for RivKids, the children’s ministry at Riverview Church. For the past four years, I’ve written a lesson almost every week for our kindergarten through fourth grade kids. All of the lessons have similar topics and Bible passages to the sermons preached to the adults. That way, we can cultivate and create conversations within families about the things they’re all learning. This specific lesson was written as a part of our series called Thread, which lasted sixty-six weeks. Starting at the beginning of the Bible (with the book of Genesis), a sermon from each book of the Bible was preached each week. So, at the end of the sixty-six weeks, I had written a lesson for all sixty-six books of the Bible. Our goal with these lessons was to preach the liberating power of the Gospel every single week to the kids and show how everything in the Bible points us to our ultimate hero, Jesus. I developed simple, theologically accurate phrases we used with the kids for consistency and repetition (such as “Jesus is our ultimate hero!” and “God had a big rescue plan!”). Each week, I created graphics to be projected as backgrounds, as well as a “Car Talk Card” that provided our big idea for the week and a question for parents to ask their children. For the “Narrative Writings” section of the Bible, we used a superhero theme to emphasize Jesus as our hero. Each lesson had a different superhero tie-in. With this specific lesson on the book of John, I made giant comic book pages for the teacher to use while delivering the message. Each section had a removable panel so the teacher could reveal the different parts of the page while teaching. I taught the lesson at one of our locations, and the comic book page was an effective way to keep the kids engaged in a story that many of them had heard before.

To see all of the deliverables of the lesson, click here. Below are a few sample pages from the lesson, along with a picture of the comic book page.