Editing Sample – Thread Study Guide

This piece is a freelance project that I completed. I work for Riverview Church and was recruited to help edit a study guide we provide for free that goes along with the sermon series we’re in. It’s over 300 pages long and contains summaries and analysis of each book of the Bible, including additional parts analyzing different sections (historical books, minor prophets, etc.). This project involved a lot of re-writing on my part. Different parts of the study guide were written by different people and my role was to help give it a cohesive “Riv” voice, along with finding grammatical errors. Riv has a style guide and that was my primary source. Because we were on a tight deadline and the authorship of each piece wasn’t a priority, I did a lot of rewrites instead of asking the writer to do them. I’ve chosen to include one section that I helped edit in hard copy. This is one where my edits were almost entirely recorded in hard copy, where as a lot of the sections I helped edit involved more verbal communication.

To see the finished version of the study guide, you can click here.